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Motivational Moments By Author Tricia Andreassen 
Wednesday, August 15 2018
The Pathway Back


My spirit is telling me or calling me to write about the spirit itself. I believe that anxiety comes often when we put the limits of time upon our self when in actuality there is no meaning of time. Studies say it time and time again that there really is no time as it is a manmade thing to account for things more easily. So if that is the case how do we begin to understand that time can be our prisoner; a prisoner of our goals; a prisoner of our beliefs which set limitations upon ourselves.

When we release the meaning of time and embrace the present and go with what our soul is telling us, then we will align to the purpose of what we are being called to achieve for our best self.

I personally get caught up in deadlines and that is the achiever in me. At the same time it is the perception from others that most likely drive me proving that I am reaching something of achievement that they will appreciate which in turn makes me feel more worthy. Wow. Just writing that gives me such clarity of how we are so deeply rooted in looking for acceptance or appreciation from others.

Imagine being in a mindset that is calming respectful of your inner voice? You know, the voice that whispers to you? The voice that you know speaks the truth of what your soul really needs? I can sincerely admit that I go in and out of this process. As much as I have made this my lifelong study to be a student and maven for mindset, spirit and energy healing the human ego worms its way in and I get drawn back into the dangers of things that suck my purpose.

Recently I was coaching someone who related themselves to being the “fixer”; the role that somehow it is their responsibility to make things okay in other people’s lives. Somewhere along the way her beautifully constructed heart was eaten away a little bit at a time. You know, like termites that eat the wood from the inside out? Her vision of what she wanted to her career, the dreams she had once and the goals that once had been clear were faded or perhaps she would even say, “Lost”.

I imagine that there are many of us out there that have such a heart of wanting to help others that we give and give to everyone around us to help make things better only to “wake up out of the machine mode” and realize that we have become tapped out. In business I have called this role “the gap closer” because I have the gifts of an executive take on this role because they see the picture from such a meta view that they can see what needs to be accomplished while those who report to them do not.

The struggle is understanding that even though an executive leader knows where the gap lies it may not be their responsibility (or authority) to make those changes FOR that person. Sometimes that is the most difficult because the leader wants the project to get done but at the same time these actions can set up the organization for long term failure.

As my phone started ringing every thirty minutes of so starting at 6:00am I realize that I have the choice as a leader. I can choose to focus my energy on the healing properties that feed my soul to be a stronger spirit and person.  For me that is reading my Bible, sitting quietly and journaling, exercising and gaining clarity on what I want today to represent in my life. Before I can be the daughter, mother, wife, lover, business partner, friend or whatever role that is called upon me I must fill the first role which is the soul within me that I was created for FIRST.

Here are some ways to tap into the place that finds a way back to yourself; the dream; the spirit inside of you.

1. Clear time just for you. – Now you may say to me Tricia, there is no time to do that. I am being pulled in so many different directions that I couldn’t find the time if I wanted to. As your coach and spirit connector I want to challenge you on this. Last year I started getting up at 4am to revel in the quiet time of the morning; lighting my candles, reading my Bible, and personal journaling from a place with no agenda. It became such a beautiful time in my day that it came to be my favorite part of the day. It became the place where I could hear my inner voice and my desires speak to me. It was in these moments that set the course for having the energy and love to give others with expecting nothing in return.

2. Meditate – This has been a catalyst for calm and peace in my life. This is where you might feel compelled to say back to me, “Tricia, I am not a fan of mediation!” However, the Bible mentions this over twenty times in scripture. Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer. I am not here to push a particular type of meditation on you. Instead I want you to. – Psalm 19:14

Contemplate the power of the process. Our subconscious does quite a bit of work for us, holding our bodies together and operating so that it all flows for you to be alive. Think of this as a way to give a Thank You back to your soul for rejuvenation.

3. Journal – It may be that you have never thought of yourself as a writer and to journal you don’t have to be. I am sure if you ever wrote a love letter to someone you weren’t thinking about being a writer. The words just flowed from somewhere deep within you where you had tapped into the emotion you had within you. That is the beauty of journaling. There are thoughts, feelings, limiting beliefs, and deep rooted fears that often get buried in the day to day mechanics of our life.

If you really want to find a way back to yourself and figure out what your inner voice is trying to say to you then I say “LEAN IN”. You know….. when we were children sharing a secret we would cup our hand around our ear and lean our bodies in to the other person so we could hear what they needed to tell us? These three things above will help you do just that.

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