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Motivational Moments By Author Tricia Andreassen 
Sunday, May 20 2018
Growth When You Can Not See It

Growth - When You Can Not See It - Unstoppable Warrior, Tricia Andreassen

Have you ever watched the cycle of a rose bush growing at the beginning of spring and its transformation through the days of summer? We often get caught up in admiring the bloom once it is visible to our eye yet what is truly amazing is all the process involved for that bud to evolve into the beautiful bloom that is admired.

 Yet, to get those blooms the branches had to be pruned. Cut back which gave the perception that nothing was growing; nothing was creating and at work. Many times our lives are like this. We feel like we are working so hard toward something and yet we can’t see or even feel the transformation at work.

 In the midst of that cold hard winter season, change is happening. Cells are forming. Creation is at work. We may not see it but history has shown us the story that if we just wait, just wait the bloom will be seen.

 It may take time for something to grow and something to create the end result. It takes patience. Love. Understanding. It takes even pruning to cut the dead things away that do not serve us.

 As you go through the process of the rose, know that beautiful moments are upon you. Just as the rose captures our eye when it blooms you will find that your growth will result in beauty too.

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