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Tricia Andreassen has a mission; a life calling. “My vision is to bring teachings and life strategies to break-through struggles and obstacles that may arise. My mission is to deliver these teachings through all forms of communication whether it be books, media, speaking, teaching, artistic expression, or other forms of publication. We all have a story within us that can positively impact the life of another; perhaps even save a life. We all have a purpose and calling for our life and my dreams is to have as many people as possible to discover what their heart calls them to do.”

An entrepreneur herself, Tricia bought her first real estate investment property at age 19 and became active in the real estate industry in sales, leadership, management, and organizational development. After being a National Speaker for, the official internet site for the National Association of Realtors she began helping additional real estate companies and mega agent teams build their brand, message, and organization as well as their strategic marketing plan encompassing web development, lead generation, and search engine optimization. She started her company in grass roots fashion; from the bonus room of her house with her toddler son literally on her hip and grew it into one of the most recognizable companies internationally in the target market in which it services. After almost 15 years as CEO, she sold her company to pursue her passion in expanding her personal coaching practice from business into spiritual growth and personal development.

After writing for many business industry organizations that spanned over 25 countries and reached global connection a “knock” on her heart expanded to reach those of the hurting heart. On the white board in her office she had a hand written mission statement that said, “To provide hope, inspiration, and success strategies to millions, globally.” As this calling unlocked so did her personal memories of various forms of abuse in her childhood. It was then as this clarity awakened within her that she was to be an Unstoppable Warrior for those who needed to find the strength that is within them so they can live the life meant for them. As her mission progresses, she evangelizes the message of persistence, resilience, faith, and other life strategies with the spiritual gifts of heart-healing work and mind-shifting belief.

Her flagship company, Creative Life Publishing and Learning Institute supports this mission of helping writers become Authors as well as bringing teaching and training programs in faith, leadership, youth, parenting, business building, marketing, and spiritual growth. Tricia’s business and marketing book, Interfusion Marketing: Unlock The Secret Code To Dominate Your Market hit #1 in less than 5 hours and was continually on the best-seller list for 59 weeks. Since then she has a multitude of best sellers that focus on equipping oneself in all areas of their life.

Tricia also runs Andreassen International that is focused on her personal work of private coaching, speaking, training, writing, and the creative ministry of song and art and her radio show appearances. She is also a Certified Speaker and Coach for the John Maxwell Organization and under his mentorship to deliver leadership, personal growth, and youth development programs. She also attended the highly credentialed and elite school of Center for Executive Coaching through Andrew Neitlich that focused on Elegant Leadership, Organization Development, Conflict Resolution, Team Building, and Intellectual Property creation. She is a Certified Executive Coach with the ACTP credentials for the International Coaching Federation. Her other successes include being on the advisory board for the Forbes Coaches Council as well as in the President’s Circle for Christian Women in Media. She continues to spread her teachings through all forms of media personally and has also made a personal commitment to scholarship and mentor one Author under the age of 21 for each Co-Author book that is released through Creative Life Publishing.

To inquire about Creative Life’s Publishing services please visit or email If you believe you have a story within you and have a dream to become a best-selling author or personally write alongside Tricia Andreassen please email Tricia personally at

She can also be found on Facebook at