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Motivational Moments By Author Tricia Andreassen 
Saturday, January 13 2018

How to love the most influencing person in your life by Creativity, Spiritual and Leadership Coach, Writer and Artist, Tricia Andreassen

I remember back in 2008 being in the LaGuardia New York airport and I met this interesting gentleman who struck up a conversation with me. I remember that day so well. It was the day after Sarah Palin had been chosen as McCain’s Vice President running mate. News was going on in the background with banter of if she was qualified to do the job, if she could do the job being a mother at the same time (By the way, this is not a political post, it is just a part of the story!). That energy floated around me as I spoke to this gentleman and listened to the news journalist be pro or con for the decision on McCain’s choice. It was what led to the conversation with this unique man. He was traveling to a vacation spot where he wanted to just connect with himself. He was searching for his calling and what he was meant to do in his life. As we watched the news together and listened to the positive side of the political conversation as well as the negative side, it made me more and more “desired and aggravated” that we all have to follow what is best for us. In the midst of struggle, fear, miscommunication, disbelief, and contemplation it comes down to what is within us to move forward.

As he and I sat together waiting for our flight, we got to talking about our life’s purpose and what we want for ourselves and he said something very cool. He said, “You know what makes us is our spirit.” Our bodies are just like a car driving us around. It’s not really what we are…’s just the vehicle people see. That got me thinking. Wow he is right. We judge ourselves constantly saying that we are flawed. Maybe is something physical like our weight or a disability that we have. We focus on the 5% of what is not really important (because it is what we are obsessed with) instead of the 95% of us which makes up our spirit, our soul. Why do we do this? Because we are engineered to assess what we can see instead of what we can’t. We do this because it’s a way to ignore or distract from what the real issues are. I have personally struggled with weight most of my adult life. At a time when I lost the weight I became focused on how I was looking; that looking a certain way was what was important. But what I realized is that what I was feeling in my spirit that was affecting me and in turn causing my weight gains.

When we ignore the 95% of what makes us as human beings the effects are going to be released in some way. In physics there is the law of cause and effect. So, this could equate to something internally within yourself could be causing the physical issue. We might not be able to put a finger on what is the underlying reason however the first step to your internal understanding can create the end result to the mission of loving yourself. His conversation with me unlocked the flow of strategies that have helped me along the way and what I still use as a roadmap to get me back on course when I have fallen off the path.

The pathway to loving ourselves is accepting us for our weaknesses and strengths. Love the quirkiness you may have in the way you look at life. Believe that “if it is to be, it’s up to me”, understanding that no matter what you must be the catalyst for moving yourself forward.

What can you do as an individual to work through the process and treat yourself with unconditional love? Here are the strategies to help you with the journey of self-1discovery and falling in love with yourself; Mind – Body – and Spirit


Step 1: Write a love letter to yourself

When you write a letter to yourself you are allowing the self-talk out of your brain and releasing it outward to the universe. Focus this letter on looking back and those things that might have at the time appeared to be the smallest of accomplishments. It’s those little things that we disregard as unimportant be the smallest milestones are the ones that make up the tapestry of your life. These milestones are the chapters in the book of your life.

Now, you may find this challenging yet here is how I would approach it? Do you remember when you had a crush on someone or you were totally infatuated with someone and you sat down and wrote them a letter about how much you meant to them and how wonderful they were? This is how you want to approach this exercise. Pretend you are writing to someone that you have known for years and they have possibly lost faith in themselves and you want to inspire them. Share with them all the things that you remember about how they overcame struggles and how they moved through these times in their lives. Remind them about what they learned, how they helped others, what they have given to you. Of course the person you are writing to will be YOU. If you treat yourself like you are another person in this exercise you will be amazed of what may come into the forefront.
Example: Dearest Tricia,
It’s been a few months since I wrote you even thought I think of you every day. Why have I let it go for so long? You are, by far, the most important person in my life and I need to let you know that more often.

Let me just share with you why I love you so much and what you give to me in my life. I guess I will start with that you are always there for me. There are days when I have been tired and have wanted to give up but you have stayed by my side, encouraged me and sing me uplifting songs.

I think you for your acts of love and all of your positive encouragements. I am so very proud of you too! No matter what you keep reaching for the stars – always striving to be the best.

In addition you are a great mom and wife. You give such great support to so many and I love you so much for that......"

What does your love letter to yourself look like?______________________________________________

Note: Print this letter out and make 4 copies. Select someone you know to mail them for you 4 times over the course of the year so that it gets delivered to you by mail. Just when you might need it, it will come to you.

Imagine looking at your life and the love of yourself through a child’s eyes; unconditional, with no reservation and with no judgement….

If you want to chat about it, reach out to me today at
One of my greatest joy’s comes from helping you connect with your core self (and even find yourself again) so you can have the life and career you've always wanted. Certified Executive, Creativity, Spiritual and Leadership Coach Partner to John Maxwell Certified John Maxwell Instructor and Mentorship Program
Fine Art, Photography and Mixed Media Artist Professional Speaker, Singer and Songwriter
#1 Best Selling Author of Interfusion Marketing – Multi Channel Marketing
Novel currently in production for 2016 release and 2 Co-Author books in production ("Success Chronicles" and "The Courage To Overcome")

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“The creative soul in you in just waiting to be awakened”

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