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Motivational Moments By Author Tricia Andreassen 
Friday, March 09 2018


5 Ways to Unlock and Build Your Creativity by Creative, Spiritual and Leadership Coach Tricia Andreassen


The other day I was talking with a client who ran her own business and I had her do an exercise to describe something from her perspective. She looked at me and said, “Can you give me an example? I am not very creative.” What was interesting is she didn’t think she was creative and looking at her from my perspective I thought she was very much so. This was a woman who had traveled the world, entertained people with great gatherings and events that would knock your socks off. In addition, she had reinvented herself after the loss of her husband in working in the corporate world to relocate her life, write a book and start her own bed and breakfast. She was the epitome of creative resourcefulness although she didn’t see it in herself. What was beautiful is that I took her through this exercise as well as a few others over the course of the days at a retreat I was having and before I knew it, she was drawing – with crayons! Yes, this wonderfully skilled woman who was in her sixty’s had unlocked parts of her that she could now own. It was a beautiful sight to see. Just like her, creativity is a part of you. No matter what business you are in or what life you lead, God has given us all the gift of creativity. It is a part of you that is truly unique. Some folks are more outwardly creative due to showing it through their craft like painting but trust me, if you are in business and you practice any strategic planning, guess what? You are using your creativity. It’s blending with another part of you but it is creativity.



So, I challenge you to look at yourself different and OWN that there is this creative soul in you. It wants to express itself if you only allow it. When you do, your life and ideas will come to life. If you are a business owner it will open up the world of possibilities in ways you never thought of to grow and expand; or even enjoy more. If you are a parent it will create stronger bonds to communicate with your children or grandchildren so that you mentor them with love unmatched. Here are 5 ways to unlock the creative treasure that lies within you.

1. Schedule it – Creativity is like a muscle. The more you exercise it the better it will improve. Many times we get caught up in thinking that a creative person is one who paints, draws, acts or sings but that is a misconception. Creativity comes in all forms. It could come in the interesting way you plan a vacation or in the way that you do a team building activity with those in your work environment. It could even be expressed in the way you entertain folks at a dinner party.  You can’t wait for inspiration to find you; you have to schedule it. Just like a treasure hunter is looking for a diamond, they schedule their hunt for this exceptionally unique gem. They don’t wait till they get inspired. They make arrangements to do the activities that can get them closer to the outcome.

2. Don’t be attached to the daily outcome – Just because you have scheduled your creativity time it doesn’t mean each and every day a creative masterpiece is going to spill out of you. Think about the person who starts working with a personal trainer. Their bodies don’t magically become tone and muscular. They understand that some days are going to feel more successful than others. By not being attached to the outcome for that particular day, it allows them to listen to their trainer and lean in to the process of what is developing.

3. Honor the process – As you release being attached to this perfect outcome you think you may need to have; it is then where the true beauty emerges.  You see, often times we get programmed to look at the completion of the goal; the visual part of it.  However, it is not what the eye sees that makes your creative side recognizable.  It is enjoying the process of the actions you are taking in the moment. Let’s say you are planning a client appreciation event. You sit down with your team and you start brainstorming ideas on what they may like at this event for a free give away. Guess what? You my friend are practicing creativity! Or think about the football tailgate you are planning for next Sunday. You begin to plan the theme, the food that will be offered and the music that you will play to get people in the mood. Perhaps you want to polish up your brand and your website and you start thinking of what you may want to do. Guess what?! You are putting your creative juices to work.

When you recognize that all areas of your life and business can be creative in some way you will start being aware that you are indeed creative. All you have to do it look through a different lens, recognize it as the creative process and honor what comes out of you from it.

4. Celebrate your victories – As you begin opening your mind to owning your unique creative side, celebrate that all creativity comes from within and it may come in different packages. Perhaps everyone is excited that the tailgate was the most hilarious and entertaining of the season. Perhaps it is the quietly shy employee in the group that comes up with the best idea of the week to offer a rewards program for your clients. It might even be the vision board that your team has created together embracing the words, mission statement and emotions that represents the experience you all want your customers to have. When you celebrate what has been created with no agenda or outcome to it the celebration becomes easier. When it comes easier it allows the part of you that was buried with the daily grind to rise up from beneath the surface and serve you in ways you never knew.

5. Allow yourself to dream – Really, it’s ok! Often it happens that as we get older, with more responsibilities in life and work we stop dreaming of the dreams we used to have. You know the ones. It’s the ones that were out there for people to see when you were younger and the world was in front of you. Back then people would say, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” It was acceptable to dream and think about what you loved naturally. And then, along the way, tasks list starting piling up; making a living become the top priority. Living what other people expected from you became a dominant role in your activities.

And….somewhere….you stopped dreaming. You stopped wondering what it would be like to achieve that incredible thing that you once thought of often. Telling yourself you are too old to consider that option; telling yourself that no one makes money at that. These are limiting beliefs that you have trained yourself to believe and that my friend is exactly what they are; limiting.

I know how difficult it can be to start dreaming again and this is why you must put into practice creativity. It is in the creative process that your subconscious will feel SAFE to express itself and talk to the spirit inside of you wanting to be heard. So, take a little step today to the creative world waiting for you. If you need help, ask for it. It is when a creativity coach that has business and life skills training can be worth a weight of that diamond that is ready for you to claim.

If you are looking to unlock the creative side in you to build a life and business you love reach out to me today at I offer private coaching, team building workshops or retreats focused on creative expression that will power you to awakening the strongest asset within you.
Certified Executive, Creativity, Spiritual and Leadership Coach
Partner to John Maxwell
Certified John Maxwell Instructor and Mentorship Program
Fine Art, Photography and Mixed Media Artist
#1 Best Selling Author of Interfusion Marketing
Ask about today about the incredible retreat of John's Maxwell's book: Put Your Dream To The Test, interfusing with Tricia's creative process  

The creative soul in you in just waiting to be awakened

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