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Motivational Moments By Author Tricia Andreassen 
Friday, November 21 2014

I was thinking today back to a time when I experienced a deep ache. A hardship I didn’t know how to overcome. I felt the storm rolling in from the distance and the emotional turmoil that it was bringing.

What helped me weather this emotional storm? People I could trust. People that had gone through hardships like I was experiencing and had not only survived but could share the joy they experienced afterward. The connection of knowing someone else could relate to what I was feeling was immeasurable. It allowed me to feel certain that if they had gone through their storm and had come through the other side I could too.

One thing we know in life is that we will experience rough weather. Sometimes it will be wind. Sometimes a slight drizzle and sometimes a full blown storm that stops things in its tracks…

Tricia Andreassen

Next time there is a storm, remind yourself to look up and evaluate the sky. You will see that the sun is the brightest after a storm. It is when the visibility is the most clear and the sky is the most beautiful blue. Storms are necessary. They make us grow. They feed us with its lesson of rain (although we don’t recognize it at the time). It gives us perspective and allows us the opportunity to celebrate the explosive light that comes after it.

There is a saying about dancing in the rain. Know in the cycle of things storms are natural and a part of your life. When you do that, you will be aware to look for the beauty after it. It will allow you to weather it through and come through the other side. ‪#‎FindYourHappy‬‪#‎YourStoryCanChangeYourLife‬ ‪#‎TriciaAndreassen‬

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