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Unstoppable Warrior
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Tricia has helped thousands of people with their lives and businesses. One of her companies, Creative Life Publishing and Learning Institute, was founded with the mission to help writers become authors and to bring teaching and training programs centered on faith, leadership, youth, parenting, business building, marketing and spiritual growth. Her business book Interfusion Marketing hit #1 in less than 5 hours and remained on the best-seller list for 59 weeks.

Tricia has over 30 years of experience in helping others maximize the gifts they have within themselves. She is on a mission to help women with fibromyalgia and other invisible chronic pain illnesses break free from the chains that hold them back so they unlock their joy, their warrior strength and their purpose. She does this by teaching women how to journal, craft, and use art to find the pieces of themselves they may have lost along the way in life or possibly never knew they had. Her expansive coaching has led her to being on Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, Good Morning Britain, and more. “I knew I was being called on the front line to help women but only until my diagnosis did everything change."

Tricia holds over 10,000 hours over her 30 years in professional coaching, speaking from stages, consulting some of the most successful CEO's in their field, and holding the hands of 10 year olds fighting to overcome life obstacles and challenges as well as how to build an unstoppable brand, scale a business for market share expansion, and how to incorporate creativity and innovation into the work environment. She teaches to Entreprenuers and Business Leaders from all over the world.  

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2021 she founded the group called on Facebook, growing it to several thousand women from all over the world in under a year. It continues to grow. In addition she runs a private academy for women who want to take their life skills to a new level to overcome the limitations of what chronic pain trys to do to dreams and passion. She teaches on journaling, writing, mixed media, crafting, mindset, group coaching sessions, and discount rates for personal coaching sessions with Tricia.

Tricia Andreassen Classes, Workshops, and Retreats help women find the way back to their joy, their purpose, and their passion using journaling, creative writing, therapeutic art sessions, mixed media sessions, and fun crafting experiences.

"In the muddle of life messes we can often lose our own voice and question ourselves about what our life purpose is. Art, writing, and unlocking the creative site is the secret to our best self." - Tricia Andreassen

Using mixed media art techniques, barn quilt painting projects, journaling prompts, Tricia Andreassen helps you:

* Hear The Voice Inside of YOU
* Finding Your Story and Re-Writing It With A New Focus
* Steps To Unlock Your Voice and Find It Again
* Begin Again - No Matter Where Your Are Or What You've Been Through

If you want your dreams reignited, hope filled in your heart allow Tricia to help you start your discovery journey!

The master at getting you where you need to be....Tricia fills the room with excitement and knowledge about being the BEST you can be at everything you do. Her passion exudes from every inspirational thought and word when she is speaking to a crowd. It would be hard to walk away without learning how to be better at everything you do. 
- Denise Whitty, Senior VP

Magnetic, Innovative and Visionary.....Tricia is an extremely gifted, creative, innovative, magnetic, and visionary speaker. She embraces each person in a group no matter the size. She meets people where they are, opens the doors of their mind through her singing and inspiring message. She inspires others to dream and achieve more than they imagine. 
- Karen Storey, NAR educator

She Inspires Everyone Around Her.....Where do I begin to share the profound impact that Tricia has had on my life? Her primary focus is always on her client's best interests - her immense creativity and solution-based mindset took me straight to results that served me well. She is a visionary leader, and she inspires everyone around her. On a side note, she's got an amazing set of pipes. Have her sing for you sometime!
- Amy Stoher, Coach

What A Great Motivator...Tricia is amazing when speaking and motivating the audience. She is full of positive energy!
- K. Davis, Manager

Like a whoosh! of energy....She is creative, knowledgeable, and her enthusiasm is just downright contagious. If you are looking for a fun and engaging speaker for your event - Tricia is a solid choice.
- D. Lyons, Event Manager

Her humor makes it easy to understand......Tricia Andreassen is the real deal. She just spoke at this event and literally "rocked the house." The audience even asked for an encore!
- Vickie H Smith Enterprises, CEO


Tricia started in business young and bought her first investment property by the time she was 19 years old. The fire within her gave her a passion to not give up. Growing up in a trailer most of her life it was her dream to own her own home and she fell in love with homes. With that love in her heart came a career in real estate. By the time she was 23 she was managing an 80 agent real estate company and had already become a top producing agent. When she was 27 she became a National Speaker and Trainer for and was quickly awarded in the President's Club for her top sales performance. Her outstanding Sales Training Skills with people allowed her to train the National Salesforce for New Employee Hires for and create the Training Deck Program. After almost 5 years with Tricia started her own company, Pro Step Marketing out of the bonus room of her house. In less than 3 years she grew the company to over 7 figures in production and was CEO/President with actively participating in coaching clients and creating hands-on marketing strategies for the top 1% of Realtors in the country.

Artist and #1 Best Selling Author Tricia Andreassen has over 7 thousand hours in professional coaching in marketing, leadership and business strategy. As a certified coach and art instructor she provides teaching, speaking, training, and coaching as well as unique unlocking tools to blend the depth of spirit that lies within to help you create lasting change. Her mission is to help you unlock the inner strength, creativity, and heart through art, journaling, and all forms of communication. 

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Tricia Andreassen is a leading inspirational business branding, dream builder coach speaker, and author for women who battle auto-immune diseases, and chronic pain conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. She is the founder of and the founder of which integrates art, journaling, creativity, and crafting into finding the way back to yourself to find your passion; live it every single day while overcoming pain.


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