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Unstoppable Warrior
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Coaching Testimonials

"From my experience with Tricia, she is an excellent coach and innovative in strategic marketing, business road mapping and generating leads for your business!" 
Michael Bongiovanni
President at Greentree Financial Group, Inc.

"Tricia is a creative and detail oriented coach. She strives to bring out the best in all of the people she works with. Her creativity is inspiring!" Michelle B.

"Tricia's coaching is the best I have ever received. I have already benefited from her coaching in the form of new business and a new way of thinking. Trish takes the time to learn more about our specific business and the ideas she gives us are specific to our market and our goals. That is powerful! I have never met anyone more dedicated and committed to the success of my business and because of Trish, I can now really see just how much my business will grow." Elise V.

"Tricia, your insight, strategy and direction has created a unique strategy and innovation for my team. We have developed new strategies to grow our listing inventory and convert more leads into closed sales." 

Shane White
Real Estate Broker/Owner

"The Interfusion Marketing coaching has been awesome! My head is spinning throughout most of the sessions thinking, oh my gosh, I've gotta do this. I really don't see how Tricia Andreassen can come up with so many creative ideas. My business has totally turned around thanks to her strategies." Liz P.

Tricia group coaching courses are stellar. I have learned what to do and how to continually take it to the next level. I have already seen an up-tick in my leads with these ideas that I have learned and implemented. It's a no-brainer and pays for itself.

Martha Hendrick

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Tricia Andreassen is a leading inspirational business branding, dream builder coach speaker and author for women who battle auto-immune diseases, and chronic pain conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. She is the founder of and the founder of which integrates art, journaling, creativity, and crafting into finding the way back to yourself to find your passion; live it every single day while overcoming pain.


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