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Unstoppable Warrior
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Take a $100.

Strike a match.

Watch it burn.

This is exactly what happens when you put your hard earned money into a marketing plan that isn’t built for your business; your target audience. It’s not about following the latest “cool” trend and jumping on that marketing bandwagon. It’s about creating a brand, vision and plan that takes you to unstoppable levels of success. In this highly visual and interactive book, Tricia not only walks you through a step-by-step process she shows you the visuals. Get the secret formula of success and have results starting today!

In this book you will learn how to:

  •    Bridge the gap and connect with the audience you want
  •    Recognize the opportunities in your niche and evolve with your market
  •    Create an unstoppable brand
  •    Build a lead generating web strategy that engages visitors
  •    Use online channels to drive traffic
  •    Evangelize your message and business to close more business without more effort!
  •    Follow the formula of those already succeeding at high levels - personal one-on-one interviews from these successful leaders who are bringing their success to you.

Have you ever tried to figure out where to focus your efforts to get the best results in your marketing strategy? Do you hear from different people what they are doing to get more leads and close more sales? When you get right down to it it’s hard to know which plan to invest your dollars in, much less your time.

You could spend days on end trying to choose the best method to get results: A blog? A website? Dipping your toes into the pool of social media? Sticking with word of mouth and direct mail? The list goes on and on.

With all those choices, it can be tempting to look for the single “best” marketing technique. How many times have you been told about a miraculous one-size-fits-all solution? We hear it constantly: “Just do this one thing, and you’ll get the results you’ve always wanted!” You find it in those who struggle with their weight and are trying to find the solution and are searching for the fast, big fix.

However, there is a science behind the results that top performers get in their business. After studying these methods and speaking to thousands of people on business practices, Tricia Andreassen has developed a proven formula of success that you can follow and implement immediately in your business. Just like scientists who study the genetic code of the human body, you now can have access to the secrets behind those ranked top in their field.

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What a clear, easy to follow book for all real estate professionals or anyone in running their own business in any niche! Tricia Andreassen is a marketing expert. She makes her principles logical and meaningful through everyday examples. And, she includes many visuals so the reader sees exactly what she’s talking about. The best part of her book, I think, are the questionnaires, where the author asks the reader to put the principles to work in their own business lives, so they walk away with a real action plan. I highly recommended Tricia’s new book for anyone who wants to take their web marketing strategy to the highest level.

– Carla Cross, CRB, MA
Real Estate Management Specialist, Speaker, Coach
Author of 7 books including, What They Don’t Teach You in Pre-License School




Today most are so busy working IN their business that they often have no time left to work ON their business. Don’t miss Tricia Andreassen’s book with a comprehensive roadmap to creating differentiation in a crowded marketplace. These skills will be critical to your being positioned as the expert they respect and the resource they need!

– Don Hutson
Co-Author of the NY Times & Wall Street Journal #1 Best-Seller,
The One Minute Entrepreneur, and CEO of U. S. Learning




Today’s successful business people must master their unique voice in the marketplace. Tricia’s book clearly delineates a step by step process to go from ordinary to extraordinary by adopting the principles of Interfusion Marketing. It’s not about the next shiny new app; it’s about deliberate and effective strategies that help position you as the “celebrity authority” in your marketplace.

The combination of information and guidance is well thought out and easy to follow. This book is a must for any person in business for themselves willing to propel their production and presence in their market to the next level and beyond.

– Terri Murphy
Author, Speaker, Consultant/eCommunications Specialist




Tricia Andreassen has written a step-by-step, extremely insightful guide to what it really takes to market and grow a successful business using the latest technology and the tried and true principles that never go out of style. She is exactly right: Marketing is a science. In this book, Tricia explains the science of marketing to you, in a highly motivational, easy-to-implement fashion. I highly recommend her insights and wisdom.

– Andrew Neitlich
Founder and Director, Center for Executive Coaching and Co-Author,
Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches




I love this book! Interfusion Marketing is a must read for any business owner who wants their business to succeed. Andreassen has brought together the best branding, web, social, and print strategies and fused them into a proven plan that will work for your business. If your business is not generating the results you desire, this book has the case studies, the research, and the straight practical advice you need today to achieve great results tomorrow.

– Bernice Ross, CEO
Nationally Syndicated Columnist, Inman News and CEO of Real Estate Coach
Author of Real Estate Dough Your Recipe For Real Estate Success!




Interfusion Marketing is one of the greatest resources I’ve encountered to help real estate agents or business owners at any level. They will develop and strengthen the marketing facet of their business exponentially! Tricia has created an extremely valuable tool that anyone can use to set themselves apart from the completion and piece together a solid marketing plan for success!

– Linda McLean
Speaker, Certified Coach and
International Best Selling Author of Next Level Living




Tricia hit a home run! I was totally impressed with this engaging format, and the easy reading. When you dial into the mindset of your target audience it uncovers the messages, campaigns, scripts and dialogues needed to connect you to your prospect.

– Darryl Davis
Best Selling Author and Speaker

International Speaker and Coach Tricia Andreassen will help you develop a business and life that will ingite the fire within you to reach new heights. She is a Marketing Evangelist, Author, Singer and Songwriter. Book Tricia Andreassen today for your next event and see why so many are raving about how they are "On Fire" in their business and personal lives!
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