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Success Chronicles Book Featuring Best Selling Author Tricia Andreassen 

How do you define success? For me it has definately changed over time. As I evolve in life and have been in different chapters of living my story I find that success can take on different meanings in different times. 

In this book I have shared a very personal insight to what success means to me personally. I am honored to be alongside other women Author's who share their thoughts on the meaning of success. Each one of us has a different view and we each provide unique teaching points to help you find your voice and definition of success.

When you read my chapter you may see the reason why I have found a Children's home to give proceeds to so that the lives of these children can improve. You see, I want to show them how success comes in many different packages. I want to show them that in struggle or hardship something beautiful can come out of it. We all have an opportunity to share our light and teachings with others and it would mean the world to me if you support this mission of helping these children to define their story of success by purchasing this book.

Tricia Andreassen is the co-author of "The Successful Chronicles" featuring a variety of women entrepreneurs and their stories of success, and challenges.

Book orders are being taken now and will be shipped the 2nd week of Feb.

Proceeds from the book sales are going to Safe Harbor Children's Center ( in Brunswick, Georgia  to help children of neglect, abuse and risk.

Buy your copy today!

Only $14.95
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DISC behavioral and personality assessment strategist, Christian Business and Leadership Coach, John Maxwell Team, John Maxwell Speaker, John Maxwell Trainer, John Maxwell Leadership Coach, #1 Best Selling Author, Inspirational, Faith Speaker and John Maxwell Speaker and Trainer. Tricia is a  Certified Executive, Leadership, Spiritual and Life Coach. She is also a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach and Trainer to work with organizations, schools, ministry groups and leaders of all faiths. Her life dedication is to give you resources that you can put into practice immediately in your personal life, your business and in your walk with God. All of these integrate together as they create a synergy for you to live the life you are meant for. Her extensive background in working with sales organizations and C-level executives enables her to bring practices to your organization. Inquire today for a private conversation with Tricia to collaborate on what you are looking to achieve.

Book Tricia Andreassen today for your next event and see why so many are raving about how they are "On Fire" in their lives and how it is reaching to all parts of their business, their relationships and more! Events do book up so if this is something you are considering or would like to have a personal conversation with Tricia, please call immediately. Throughout the year private retreats for youths, leaders and women are conducted as well. We would love to have you a part of the momentum and the revival of the spirit of his calling on our lives!

Tricia Fink Andreassen



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